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Salentica Elements 2020 Release Notes

By: Andy Bryant

The 2020 release delivers expanded innovations across the Elements product and includes enhancements for Wealth and Asset Managers. Salentica empowers you to get a single shared view of your customer and your business to keep delivering more moments that matter.

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The Complete List of CRMs for Wealth Managers

By: Andy Bryant

As CRM software options for wealth managers and financial advisors continue to balloon. Comparing feature sets, integration points, and service tiers between products quickly becomes a cumbersome and confusing task. CRM is now at the heart of every growing business, and financial services are no exception. To help you in navigating the crowded landscape, we compiled a list of the leading CRM solutions tailored for wealth management and financial advisors. Including their messaging along with decades of collective experience and input from some of the sharpest minds in financial technology. to get a taste of each product.

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By: SS&C Salentica

SS&C Salentica is closely monitoring developments with respect to COVID-19 (coronavirus) to determine what changes, if any, need to be implemented to our operations, processes and the systems we use to support our clients. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of our business continuity and preparedness plan, and to assure you of our commitment to always delivering best-in-class products and solutions.

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The integration imperative: Key to delivering efficient and high-quality service to clients

By: Ed Wright

The world of wealth management is increasingly data-dependent.

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Introducing the Unified Interface for Salentica Engage™ on Dynamics 365

By: James McClenahen

Salentica Engage uses Microsoft’s new user experience, the Unified Interface, on Dynamic 365 online.

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New name, new channel: Salentica Engage launches on Microsoft AppSource to help wealth managers drive client engagement

By: James McClenahen

For wealth managers, the key to winning, retaining and growing relationships is to have effective client engagement. An intelligent CRM system is the answer in how to engage with clients more effectively in their financial planning and decisions.

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Salentica Summit 2019: A place to connect, share, and learn about all things CRM

By: Tanya Tygesen

This year, SS&C Salentica will be hosting their 10th annual Salentica Summit June 20-21st with more than 75 clients in the headquartered city of Toronto, Canada.

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Strengthen client service with a cloud-based CRM solution

By: Timothy D. Welsh

Fiduciary Investment Advisors (FIA) is an independent, employee-owned investment consulting firm that works with fiduciary clients, including retirement plan sponsors, institutional investment pools, non-profit organizations and private clients. FIA provides customized investment advisory services to assist clients in achieving their investment objectives while fulfilling fiduciary obligations.

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Technology-powered service demands CRM update

By: Timothy Welsh

LourdMurray prides itself on delivering sophisticated expertise to accomplished clients that have complex financial and professional lives. The firm acts as life-long advisors, bringing its clients comprehensive solutions ranging from investments and insurance to education, retirement, and wealth planning.

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Securing client information: a prime target for cyberthieves

By: Dave Ireland

In recent years, regulators have made it clear that cybersecurity is a major focus of examinations and risk assessments of wealth management and advisory firms. Compliance isn’t the only reason to be concerned about security, however. Firms have a fiduciary duty to protect their clients’ confidential personal and financial information.

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5 steps to successful CRM user adoption

By: Peter MacQuarrie

When carefully selected and correctly implemented, the right CRM solution has the potential to transform your business and significantly increase your firm’s enterprise value.

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5 ways to effectively manage trust accounts with CRM

By: Ed Wright

Trust companies have significant responsibility as a fiduciary for trust accounts as well as being responsible for managing and protecting the assets of the trust. Trying to find ways for improving the scalability and operating efficiency of your trust company can seem like quite the undertaking.

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